10 Cozy Crochet Patterns for the Fall

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Fall is here, and it's the perfect time to get cozy and crochet! Get your blanket, cup of tea, and check out these seasonal fall patterns, available at babycakesstudios.com!

Pumpkin Pie

Create your own pumpkin pie in 2 different sizes! The smaller ones even make adorable ornaments with some added twine or string. 

Find the pattern HERE! 

Octoghost and Pumpkins


These tiny octoghosts and their pumpkins are the perfect addition to your Halloween decor! Sprinkle them in with larger pumpkins, witches, and bats for a fun centerpiece. 

Find the pattern HERE! 

Candy Corn


This totally FREE candy corn pattern is great for beginners who want an adorable plush for school parties or gifts! They work up quickly and are easy to make. 

Find the pattern HERE! 

Pumpkin Family

Make your own assortment of pumpkins in 3 sizes with this pumpkin family! These look great with coordinating colors, so get creative with your decor this fall!

Find the pattern HERE! 



These apple plushes are the perfect teacher gift for the holidays. Cute in any color, you can make a whole bushel of them!

Find the pattern HERE! 


Another free pattern, these s'mores make really cute decor or gifts, especially once the weather cools off!

Find the pattern HERE! 

Squash Squad


Get your favorite basket and fill it with these amazing squashes for a unique Thanksgiving centerpiece! Each pattern is available individually, but these cuties were made to all go together!

Find the pattern HERE! 

Fall Veggies


Fall veggies make the perfect play food for your young ones this season. This pattern pack has everything you need to play farmers market or have a great variety for a play kitchen. 

Find the pattern HERE! 

Huge Cozy Pumpkin

This pattern uses blanket yarn, (or other super bulky/jumbo yarn) to make a giant pumpkin pillow! This guy is over a foot wide, and is lots of fun to make. 

Find the pattern HERE! 

Fall Harvest Jumbo Pack

If you still can't decide and want a little bit of everything, this jumbo pattern pack might be for you!

Find the pattern HERE! 

Happy Crocheting, everyone! :)

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