Maker Monday: Soy Sauce and Dumplings from CuriousPapaya

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It's Monday and you know what that means - Maker Monday! This week I made soy sauce and dumplings from @curiouspapaya! Link to pattern HERE! <-------
Chinese New Year is almost here, and last week I made an ox for year of the ox. What better way to continue the festivities with some yummy dumplings! It may sound odd but soy sauce is actually one of my FAVORITE foods, and I put it on so many things. I also love dumplings of all kinds, so this was a good fit (seriously getting hungry here).
These dumplings were suuuuuper easy and quick to make, you could make a whole bowl of them in an hour. The soy sauce was a little trickier because it had some interesting cap construction. Also that "k" took me way longer to make than I'd like to admit. 😂
If you know someone who loves these food I'd highly recommend making these (I'll link the pattern in my stories)! I really wanted to add a face to the soy sauce but wasn't sure how it would line up with the cap. But wouldn't that be so cute?? Overall time about an hour and a half for these!

Find the pattern HERE! <------

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