Maker Monday - Ice Cream Cones from The Turtle Trunk!

Posted by Rebecca Reed on

Welcome back to Maker Monday part 2! This week, I made the CUTEST ice cream cones from a pattern by @theturtletrunk!

I bought this pattern a while back and thought with summer coming up, it was definitely time to pull it out! Once I looked it over, I knew it was the perfect challenge for me this week.

Here's why I loved it! I love patterns that can be used in multiple ways and have repeat value. I fell in love with just the basic cone because it worked up fast and I could make a million flavors. I finally got around to making the chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and cherry on top, but only after making literally 8 cones. All of it was so fun.

Why it was a challenge and something I wanted to learn: this pattern did not use the traditional multiples of 6 (6,12,18, etc). It used 5s, 7s, and the cherry even started out with 10 scs in a magic circle! It was very cool to see how it all fit together and it kept me on my toes.

Get the pattern here!

Shop for finished products here!

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