FREE Absolute Beginner Crochet Easter Egg Pattern

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Have you always wanted to make your own Easter eggs but don't know where to start? This easy pattern will help you make your own fun and unique eggs. Check out my digital downloads for a free, printable version HERE! <-----


  • Worsted weight yarn in any pastel color
  • 3.25mm crochet hook (size D) or hook of your choice
  • Polyfil stuffing
  • Yarn needle
  • Stitch marker (optional)

Stitches and Abbreviations:

  • R - round
  • Ch - chain 
  • Sc - single crochet
  • St - stitch
  • Sts - stitches
  • Inc - increase
  • Dec - decrease


  • This pattern is worked in continuous rounds. Do not join. 
  • A stitch marker is recommended to help keep track of rounds.
  • A magic circle is recommended to create a tighter starting hole. 
  • Your Easter eggs will look different depending on your materials and your unique crochet style!

With Blue (or any pastel color):

R1: Ch 2 and sc 6 in second ch from hook (6)

R2: Inc in each st (12)

R3: Sc in each st (12)

R4: *Inc, sc in next st* repeat 6x (18)

R5: Sc in each st (18)

R6: *Inc, sc in next 2 sts* repeat 6x (24)

R7 - R12: (6 rounds) Sc in each st (24)

R13: *Dec, sc in next 2 sts* repeat 6x (18)

R14: Sc in each st (18)

Pause here to start stuffing your egg. Continue stuffing as you close it up. 

R15: *Dec, sc in next st* repeat 6x (12)

R16: *Dec* repeat 6x (6)

Leave a 6 inch tail and cut yarn. With yarn needle, close up hole by weaving yarn through the front loops of each sc in Round 16. Pull tight to close, and weave yarn through the egg and cut off extra. 

Make eggs in all different colors, and use variegated yarns for even more variety!

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  • Tres joli ces couleurs pastelles.
    Joyeuses fêtes à vous.
    Merci pour le tuto

    Fabienne Piffaretti on

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