Maker Monday - Birthday Dino from Blue Phone Studios and Cute Cuddles Crochet

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Maker Monday - Birthday Dino! đŸ„ł

This week I tackled a project I knew would be difficult, and I was right! I have seen this Timothy T Rex from bluephonestudios aaaaall over Instagram for awhile, and he is always so adorable. But with the many pieces, color changes, and shaping I knew it would be a challenge but here we go!

This guy took me FOREVER! I went so slow on the color changes in order to get them just right and the sculpted eye area was really crowded and hard for me. BUT! I did it! AND I gave him a little birthday hat from cutecuddlescrochet because she did the same and I love it! So this is really a double Maker Monday!

Ok but question for everyone - usually patterns work up in multiples of 6 right? 6,12,18, etc. But some patterns don't, like this one. It's uses 8s, and I've also seen 5s and 7s, but probably 90% of patterns use 6s. So my question is... Why? What's the reasoning for choosing 6s vs another number? I'd love to know!

The dino pattern can be found from BluePhoneStudios's Etsy page HERE and you can find the hat pattern for free on @cutecuddlescrochet Instagram page! 🎉

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