Maker Monday - Beso Lipstick and Nellie Polish from Tugs and Stitches

Posted by Rebecca Reed on

Maker Monday: Makeup Edition! šŸ’„šŸ’…

Have you ever seen crochet makeup? I never had until I ran across these patterns fromĀ @tugsandstitchesĀ ! Meet Nellie Nail Polish and Beso Lipstick, the first two members of a whole line of "Glam Knots" crochet beauty products. They are SO creative!

I was so interested to see the construction of this nail polish, because it included a bottle AND a cute little wand. Oh my goodness it's so clever you guys, I thought maybe it was open inside? No! It's an inner tube, genius! And the little brush fits perfectly inside, I just can't with it, it's too cute! šŸ˜­

Beso was even easier to make, and I loved the sloping top! Another nice thing is the pattern was very specific where to put the face so that it would be centered with the slope. I thought that was a nice touch because sometime I'm left guessing with patterns. Not this one!

More additions to this line are coming so followĀ @tugsandstitchesĀ on Instagram if you're interested! The makeup patterns can be found on her Etsy shop HERE!

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