Maker Monday - Froggy!

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This week we have a cute little frog from Little Love Everyday! I don't know how long crochet frogs have been popular but they are EVERYWHERE! I am especially seeing a lot of bulky, velvet and fuzzy frogs in all different colors and with many accessories! So I wanted to try them out!

So unlike many of the patterns I try, this one was actually very EASY! It's very beginner friendly because there are no weird stitches, and just a few roundish pieces to attach. I highly recommend this one if you want to try a basic frog pattern that still turns out so cute.

I did have one problem but it was my own fault. The pattern calls for sport weight yarn but I used worsted and so needed to adjust the eyes up a few sizes. Well my safety eyes ended up being a little hard to get in the crocheted eye pieces. Also, I usually embroider my mouth on before I close up my pieces, but this one was placed on afterward so that was a different method than I was used to.
I gave my frog a strawberry for color, and think he's super cute! I'm interested in trying a bulky, fuzzy one now!
Pattern: Little Love Everyday, Find the pattern on her Etsy shop HERE!
Yarn: Loops and Threads Impeccable

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