Maker Monday - Remix Radio from Cloud9Knots

Posted by Rebecca Reed on

Maker Monday! This week we have a throwback to an earlier time - a Remix Radio from @cloud9_knots !

This adorable little boom box caught my eye a week or so ago because I totally had one of these back when I was a kid! Depending on your age, you might remember having a tape deck, CD player, etc in your boombox. It was totally a thing to sit by the radio and try to record your favorite song when it came on. These days we would never! Remember making mixtapes?

It brought back some fun memories, and I really enjoyed making this little guy. The instructions were extremely well done, and I am really proud of my construction techniques on this! I learned a new way to sew the little pieces on without a lot of extra yarn showing!

This pattern might be a little bit of a challenge for an absolute beginner, but there are plenty of photos and details to help get it all together.
What about you? Who here had a boombox or radio like this when they were younger (prob the millennials and older in the group 🤣).

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