Maker Monday - Weep from StayOkayStudio

Posted by Rebecca Reed on

Maker Monday - Special 5th Monday edition! Since this month has 5 Mondays, I wanted to do something a little different for this last one. Instead of follow another crocheters pattern and learn from it, I decided to make some fan art based on my favorite polymer clay artist @stayokaystudio ! I am in love with Annabeth's Good Folk crew, and was so excited to crochet her little Weep character. It's good practice to always ask before you make another designers work in your own medium, just to be sure they are ok with it! Here is my Weep posing with her creations Wink and Froggie.

I actually do not have a Weep model, so I worked using photos only, and am so in love with how it turned out. It was quite the challenge to recreate this little guy, but so worth it. Swipe for a photo of the real Weep - how do you think I did? 😍

P.s. this account literally brings me so much joy I can't even explain so go check out all the other Good Folk characters if you love Weep!

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  • Do you sell this pattern. It is so cute.

    Teresa on
  • Thank you so much! Unfortunately I only took rough notes and didn’t write down the pattern. :(

    Rebecca Reed on
  • Whhaaaattttttt???!!!! No way! I love it sooo much! So adorable! Do you have the pattern?

    Raquel Rybakova on

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