Maker Monday - Sammy the Seal from Little Muggles

Posted by Rebecca Reed on

Maker Monday! It has been SO cold in Texas this last week, so for Maker Monday I was really looking for something to embody this feeling. I ran across this adorable seal on another account, and knew I had to make him!

Meet Sammy Seal by @littlemuggles whose pattern is FREE on their blog! I think my seal turned out SO cute, I love his little face and hat and scarf! The whiskers were such a cute detail as well. Because it is a free pattern on a blog, there aren't as many photos as in a digital download. I had some trouble getting the back tail piece to look perfect, but I also am realizing that part of following a pattern is using your own judgement and making the item your own. It really does take so much time to create and publish a pattern so I very much appreciate when people do it for free. Thank you so much to Amy from Little Muggles for the adorable Seal pattern!

If you’d like to make your own Sammy Seal, you can find the pattern HERE! <------

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